Clear River Hostel
A rustic place surrounded by garden and ocean. With only 3 bedrooms and 2 beds per room, makes it a very cozy and friendly place to relax and watch the waves from the hammocks.  Near everything and yet quiet. For those who simply want to look out the door and check the surf. 
Built in the 1970"s, our hostel its a picturesque casita with all  the identity of its town. Small and simple, yet comfortable and homey. 
With a great variety of books to choose from, you are sure to relax after your surf sessions.
Wireless Internet available.
Excellent location.
Seven minute walk to bus stop and 30 seconds to the beach.
The dorms: 
The beauty or our dorms is that they are to be shared with one or 2 more guests ONLY.
Our hostel has three dormitories, Each room is equipped with mosquito nets and fan. Our beds have real mattresses and to make you more comfortable 2 pillows for every guest. 
Rooms one and two: With two single beds and meant for two guests each. You can rent one privately for $34 a night, or share it with another guest for $17 a night.
Room three: A larger room with a full size bed and a single bed. For couples, or groups of three.  
Shared room:
One or 2 person Full bed:  $30  
One person in single bed $17 



Rio Claro de Pavones, zona sur               

 Costa  Rica . 200 meters south from the local school, Las Gemelas.