Horseback riding.


From cruising on the beach, to rides to the indian reservation.
​Horses are available for rent: $ 45 per horse.
With guide included.

Rentals & things to do: 




Surf boards
Avoid airport fees on surfboards. Rent a board for $15 a day, or $10 if you are a guest Clear River Hostel.
Different sizes and shapes to choose from. 
$10 to $15 per day.
On Bikes you can explore the villages and beaches near by..Along the beach road, birds and other animals can be spotted.! 


Bikes: $10 per day


On a fishing tour, a local captain takes you fully equipped(up to four poles)in a rustic fisherboat(Panga) for about six hours in the golf and the open sea. . Spanish mackerel,tuna and snapper are frequent. With the beginning of summer (December)  Dorado-Mahi-Mahi) season kicks in.The rainy season(August to November),when the ocean is cooler, is usually better for fishing.

On calm days casting of the beach and nearby rocks is also a lot of fun. A variety of predators (barracuda,sierra mackerel,snook and other 0.5kg-?) can not resist the right lure. 



The all year around warm, not so salty ocean of the Golfo Dulce, and the world famous point break of Pavones, are ideal conditions to learn the art of surfing. Local, friendly surf instructors can show you the basics in paddling, standing and turning. They also offer lessons for advanced surfers.
The best month to learn are December to March.



 Make  chocolate with our  local favorite  Alberto, or "Chocobeto" (which is what we like to call him.)
On this delicious tour,"chocobeto"is showing you the process of making chocolate from scratch.
Roasting, peeling, grinding, stiring, tasting and making your own chocolate bar, are part of this tasty tour.



 La Selva jungle hike.
A walk thru the jungle to discover waterfalls, natural pools and breathtaking views over the canape and the "sweet golf". 



Rio Claro de Pavones, zona sur               

 Costa  Rica . 200 meters south from the local school, Las Gemelas.